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Painting – Topsides

Painting your boat’s topsides can be expensive. You can change the looks of the boat to make it a much different boat than before, and in most cases, make the boat look better than when it was new and easier to maintain. We have been painting Awlgrip and DuPont urethane paint systems since 1978, boats from 20’ to 78’, both power and sail. Look through our portfolio; you may recognize some of the boats we have painted. Is it worth the cost? We have done many older boats because the customers like the style and the strength of those boats. Many are ageless and will still be beautiful classics 25 years from now. Think about the 1970’s Hardgrave designed Hatteras Motor Yachts or the Hinckley and Cape Dory. Take a look at the pictures of Wally Bishop’s 1956 Norwegian Whale Launch that was redone by our yard recently and is still a classic. The great thing about Awlgrip is that the color is stable for years. A dark color gelcoat hull will need to be buffed and waxed every year and as much as 4 times per year after 3 or 4 years. We recently had a dark green hull in our yard that had been painted with Awlgrip 15 years ago and we just gave it a light buff with super fine compound and cleaned with the Awlgrip Awlcare product and everyone thought that we had just painted the hull.

We employ our own Awlgrip certified techs and are one of the few yacht yards in Florida that has a spray booth. So, let us give you a quote on your top sides paint job, just contact



Swift Trawler 44 with factory gelcoat finish and new Awldrip blue hull.