Sailor's Wharf

Sailboat Rigging

Our sailboat rigging techs have a combined 94 years of experience rigging sailboats and even a few trawlers including a Nordhavn 46 that went Trans Atlantic. Sailboat Rigging is very critical and you need years of experience to become an expert. Since we are owned by a yacht designer, our job is easier than most other yards. We can replace your rigging, design a new rig, re-rig your boat for single handed sailing or make any changes you feel necessary. Let us know about your Sailboat Rigging issues.

Deck / Hardware Systems

We can redesign your deck hardware to make your boat easier to use. Want a new windlass, new electric winches, how about a Leisure Furl for your mainsail? Since we have designed and built custom boats, we have years of experience and customer input that is invaluable. We can work with you to come up with the best solution to satisfy your needs. Contact us and let us know your thoughts.

“Deck & Hardware Systems by Sailor’s Wharf